Our Minister AND STAFF

Our Minister AND STAFF


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Guest Ministers at ASBC


At All Souls Bethlehem Church, we are blessed to have a rotating roster of guest ministers associated with the United Church of Christ, the Unitarian Universalist Association and Disciples of Christ, the three denominations we are affiliated with. 

(Alphabetically by first name) Abigail Hastings, Dr. Rev. Bill Nye (Minister Emeritus), Rev. Faith Holman, Rev. John Magisano, Rev. Johnny Kline, Kim Barra, Konstantin Kulakov Master of Divinity, Rodney Hughes Master of Arts, Rev. Dr. Yvette Wilson-Barnes, Rev. Dr. Valerie Holly and others frequent the pulpit at ASBC. 


These guest ministers bring diverse perspectives to ASBC. Rooted in the Hebrew scriptures and the teachings of Jesus, they incorporate multiple faith traditions and the wisdom of prophetic voices from psychology, science, Womanist and Black Liberation Theology, Native American and earth centered spirituality. They lead us through a Sunday service, which includes liturgy, sacred readings, poetry, prayer, hymns, the "Passing of the Peace," and a heartfelt sharing of joys and concerns. Their sermons are always an illuminating highpoint. 

With our ministers, we pray, we sing, we laugh and cry. We gather for reflection, music, insight, a chance to slow down and breathe, a connection with the sacred.

Once a month, we celebrate the Christian tradition of Communion, open to all, as a ritual remembrance of our covenant that all are welcome at our table.


Whatever it is you are looking for—reflection, connection, prayer, insight, a chance to slow down and breathe, or ways to repair the world, we invite you to come through the door. Get to know us. Stop by on Sunday for worship and a cup of coffee. 

Richard Harper
Debbie Deane
Kathleen Smith
Rev. Bill Nye


An Assistant Professor of Music and Voice at New School University, Richard has diverse credits in the performing arts, including many jazz recordings. He has a Ph.D. in Ethnomusicology and Composition from Union Institute and University, a Master's of Music Education from the Manhattan School of Music, and a B.A. in African and Asian History from Wesleyan University. 


Born and raised in Brooklyn, Debbie is a multi-talented singer-songwriter, who brings a unique blend of classical, jazz and contemporary music to her work at ASBC. A graduate of Harvard University, Debbie also studied jazz at Boston's Berklee College of Music. She performs frequently and teaches piano to children and adults in Windsor Terrace. 


Kathy has been a member of ASBC for most of her life. She is the MA/MFA Program  Coordinator at Brooklyn College, where she also received her bachelors degree in Sociology and Education. A church administrator for over 30 years, Kathy is integral to the running of the church. 

Minister Emeritus

The son, grandson and greatgrandson of Methodist and Congregational preachers, Bill was ordained in the UCC after graduating  from Yale University and Union Theological Seminary. He served three parishes in Brooklyn for a total of 38 years including 20 years as minister of All Souls Bethlehem Church.