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We are ASBC, the little house church in Brooklyn. Open and affirming, we are a friendly congregation with a big heart, a sense of humor, and passion for the sacred, the arts and social justice. At ASBC, we value the worth and dignity of all God’s people and each person’s unique search for truth and meaning. Our community is the merging of three historic Brooklyn congregations, representing three progressive denominations in the United Church of Christ, the Unitarian Universalist Association, and the Disciples of Christ. We’ve been a house church since 1998.


Rooted in the Hebrew scriptures and the teachings of Jesus, we incorporate other faith traditions and the wisdom of prophetic voices from psychology, science, Womanist and Black Liberation Theology, Buddhism, Native American and earth centered spirituality. Experience ASBC’s raucous and fun Passing of the Peace and our heartfelt sharing of Joys and Concerns followed by a pastoral prayer.


Once a month, we celebrate the Christian tradition of Communion, open to all, as a ritual remembrance of our covenant that all are welcome at our table.

Who We Are

We are single, married, widowed, straight, gay, black, brown, white, young, old - we have traditional and nontraditional families. Some of us live in the neighborhood, others come from farther away. We are multilingual and multicultural. Some of us were raised with religion, others were not. Collectively, we identify as a wide variety of religious traditions.


Yet something connects us.


Together we pray, we sing, we laugh and cry. We gather for reflection, music, insight, a chance to slow down and breathe, a connection with the sacred. We catch up at our Sunday coffee hour and share a meal at our monthly potluck (the second Sunday of every month after services), and then we take our call to justice into the new week!


We are ASBC, the little house church in Brooklyn.

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