Social Justice


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Social Justice


Though “Social Justice” is a relatively modern phrase, the struggle for justice reaches back to the earliest prophets who stood up to kings and tyrants on behalf of the people. Their struggle continues on through modern leaders such as Gandhi, the Rev. Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., Romero, Dorothy Day, etc. Often times these prophetic leaders were shunned and criticized during their lifetimes, only being fully embraced and lionized in hindsight. The challenge is always to bring a prophetic witness to bear on the present moment, calling attention to those whom society is oppressing or pushing to the margins. Historically this has included women, the poor, people of color and in our post 9/11 world, Muslims. As we seek to work to increase God’s realm of justice in the world, we stand in solidarity with these marginazlied groups. Often times in worship we’ll incorporate the insights of Womanist, Feminist, Liberation and Queer Theologies.

As we understand Social Justice here at ASBC, religion has too often been on the side of the oppressor. Our goal is speak out against scapegoating, while sustaining a community where all people are welcome at the table. When systemic injustice threatens our brothers and sisters, regardless of their race, skin color or sexual orientation, we will join them in their struggle.

Through the activism of our Senior Minister, our members and our friends, ASBC is involved in the following groups: Brooklyn for Peace, the War Resister’s League, Peace Action of New York State, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Control Arms, Occupy Faith, Occupy Sandy, the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, Stop and Frisk and Christian Peacemaker Teams. Many of these groups are dedicated to reducing violence and eradicating war, which is a recurring theme in Tom’s preaching.

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