“Did Jesus Have to Die?”

Rev. Tom Martinez

Several recent surveys attempting to measure religious attitudes in America reveal a disparity between a surging interest in spirituality and a growing disdain for organized religion. As a minister I can only say, Who can blame them? Who wants to believe in a God that required the bloody sacrifice of his only son? Even many Christians, truth be told, are uneasy with this idea. Yet I know of very few churches that would tolerate a flat out critical inquiry into this long-cherished dogma. Thankfully All Souls Bethlehem Church is the kind of place where we can ask the hard questions. So let’s take a look at the murky subject of sacrifice. Continue reading

“The Lion’s Roar”

Rev. Tom Martinez
Easter, 2008

Easter means many things to many people. For those who aren’t particularly religious it’s a holiday weekend, a time to gather together with family or friends. For students it means a day off, something which prompted Aidan to say Good Friday was, indeed, a “pretty good Friday.” For people who identify with the Christian tradition, Easter is a high holy day, the sacred celebration of Jesus’ resurrection. For pagans and Earth centered folk it’s a time to celebrate Spring and the resurgence of the life force. Continue reading


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