Through the activism of our Senior Minister, our members and our friends, ASBC is involved in the following groups: Brooklyn for Peace, the War Resister’s League, Peace Action of New York State, the Religious Coalition for Reproductive Choice, Control Arms, Occupy Faith, Occupy Sandy, the Unitarian Universalist United Nations Office, Stop and Frisk and Christian Peacemaker Teams. Many of these groups are dedicated to reducing violence and eradicating war, which is a recurring theme in Tom’s preaching.

Calendar of Events

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2013 UCC General Synod in Long Beach, CA

Every two years the United Church of Christ holds a national gathering.  This year was in Long Beach where the mood was  celebratory in the wake of the Supreme Court striking down DOMA (the Defense of Marriage Act).  Marriage equality activists from the UCC held a huge rally outside the Convention Center, where this year’s Synod is taking place.  Other noteworthy items included progressive resolutions, including one opposing mountain top removal, and the call to divest from fossil fuels.  Here’s a list: for Website1 Synod for Website2 Synod for Website3 Synod for Website4 Synod for Website5


All Souls Bethlehem and Greenpoint Celebrate Brooklyn Pride!

A good time was had by all at the recent Brooklyn Pride Parade 2013, which ASBC and Greenpoint teamed up for.  We happened to be walking directly in front of an inclusive Scout Troop, which was really fun as the crowd applauded enthusiastically for us and then WENT WILD over the Scouts.  As we talked about in church the next day, the energy and support of those folks who were simply there to watch and cheer was so beautiful!

ASBC WebsitePride Pics  11308

ASBC WebsitePride Pics  11310

We Will Not Live in Fear, Brooklyn Pride 2013 Cheer New York at Brooklyn Pride 2013 ASBC WebsitePride Pics  11304 ASBC WebsitePride Pics  11307ASBC WebsitePride Pics  11301 ASBC WebsitePride Pics  11306 ASBC WebsitePride Pics  11302

ASBC Hosts The Whiskey Boys

Everybody who made it out  to the standing room only house concert featuring The Whiskey Boys was treated to an incredible night of great music!  ASBC members Shane and Ruth opened for Ruth’s brother David (Delaney) and the rest of The Whiskey Boys.  David invited Ruth and Shane and Christina up for their final encore, “I’ll Fly Away.”  For more information about The Whiskey Boys go to:

Ruth, Shane, David 2013  11162 Whiskey Boys at ASBC house concernt (June 1, 2013). Whiskey Boys at ASBC house concernt (June 1, 2013). Whiskey Boys for Church June 2013  11123 Whiskey Boys at ASBC house concernt (June 1, 2013).


Another Great Friday Night Open Mic

Billy Ringo at Open Mic1

Thanks Nadira and Joe for hosting another great Open Mic with Soul!  Latest Open Mic news concerns a neighbor of Nadira’s who taught herself to play piano but had never played for an audience.  Nadira told her about the open mic and voila!  Click on image of Billy Ringo above to see Nadira’s pics from this past Friday night.

Ukrainian Easter Egg Painting Workshop


ASBC Ukrainian Eggs 2013  3193

Christina and her friend, Larisa, who came to help lead the event guided participants through the many layered process of creating a beautiful egg.  More photos can be viewed by clicking on the photo and video link (in left-side margin).

Muslim Consultative Network’s 2013 Gala at Judson Memorial Church

Rev. Martinez has worked collaboratively with MCN on the planning of the Children of Abraham Peace Walk over the years and serves on the Advisory Board  of MCN.  MCN held their annual Gala (at Judson Memorial Church).  MCN is a very progressive organization coordinate service, providing information and battling Islamaphobia.  For more information go to

Debbie Almontaser welcoming people at MCN's 2013 Gala.

MCN Board President Debbie Almontaser giving a greeting at the start of the event.


2012 Children Of Abraham Peace Walk: September 11, 2012

This year we started at the Kane St. Synagogue, which had opened its doors to a Christ Church after its steeple was struck by lightning.  We stopped for a moment of silence at Christ Church, then continued on to the Dawood Mosque, Brooklyn Heights Synagogue, and Plymouth Church.  Before our ending ritual on the Promenade which we coordinated to flow into another anniversary service of remembrance led by a group of Brooklyn Heights clergy, we stopped by  FDNY Engine Co. 205, which we had visited last year on the 10th anniversary of 9/11.  All in all it was a powerful and moving day of remembrance during which we strengthened our ever growing interfaith connections.


To see more of Tom’s wonderful images from the Peace Walk

Opposition to Stop and Frisk

More and more New Yorkers are becoming conscious of the racially biased practice of the NYPD when it comes to stopping and frisking people of color.  ASBC members have participated in signature drives and marches calling attention to this injustice and seeking to protect the Civil Rights of all.  For more information on the Stop and Frisk campaign, go to

Opposition to War

In today’s post-9/11 climate of war and rumors of war, taking a stand for peace often involves a direct confrontation with those who stand to profit from war, wether they be politician or businessmen.  It also involves standing in solidarity with the hundreds of thousand nameless victims of our misguided wars, as well as our own servicemen and women killed or wounded in war.  Rev. Martinez traveled to Iraq just before the US invasion with a humanitarian delegation sponsored by the Christian Peacemaker Teams.  He also serves on the Board of Brooklyn for Peace (where he co-chairs the Latin America Committee).  As his dual career as a photographer has developed, he has begun to document the anti-war movement.  [God I totally know the image that will work here--a friend being carried out of Grand Central after a banner drop!]

Occupy Faith

The Occupy movement that galvanized the attention of the nation and the world has spawned an important network of Interfaith folks who are committed to work toward economic social justice for all.  The clergy of Judson Memorial Church have done an amazing job bringing us all together and it’s been a joy to be a part of this movement.

For more information, go to  Our participation on issues pertaining to economic social justice also include work with PICO, which has championed the cause of those being most affected by the economic crisis (fighting against foreclosures, predatory lending, etc.).  For more information on Pico, go to





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