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Maundy Thursday Service, Thursday, March 28th at 6pm

Thursday, March 28, 2013 at 6:00 pm

(Join ASBC Minister of Music for a special, Holy Week celebration of Maunday Thursday)

This year’s  service will be centered on a meal. It will be a time where we remember the last meal Jesus shared with friends. In community table fellowship, we recall how Jesus, the God-infused radical, suffered at the hands of his oppressors. But all was not lost! Easter is in three days!

Vigil – Brooklyn College Graduate, Fahad Hashmi


Vigil calling attention to the case of Brooklyn College Graduate, Fahad Hashmi.

When: March 22nd (6-7PM) See website below for additional upcoming vigil dates.
Where: Across the Street from the Metropolitan Correctional Center, which is located at 160 Park Row (at Pearl Street).

A letter sent out about the upcoming Vigil:

Dear Clergy and Faith Communities,

On Monday, March 22nd (6-7PM), we are calling on clergy and people of faith to join in a vigil outside the Metropolitan Correctional Center in lower Manhattan to call attention to the case of Fahad Hashmi and the human rights violations in the domestic War on Terror. We are making a special effort to get religious communities out to the twice-monthly vigil begun by Theaters Against War in the fall. While much attention has been paid to overseas rights violations at Guantanamo, Abu Ghraib, and Bagram, the considerable civil rights violations taking place in the federal courts and the inhumane treatment happening within the federal prison system have gone largely unchecked. Everyone with connections to faith based and ethically focused organizations (synagogues, mosques, churches, ethical culture, Friends meeting houses, etc.) should do what they can to alert clergy re this event, the background of Fahad’s case, and the egregious nature of his confinement (nearly 3 years of solitary confinement without a trial facing classified evidence that he has not been allowed to review). We hope to have the clergy present be seen/identifiable (stoles, collars, etc.). And of course members of faith communities who want to show their support are strongly encouraged to attend.

For additional Information re Fahad’s case:

Contact information re the March 22nd Vigil:

Dr. Jeanne Theoharis Brooklyn College

Rev. Tom Martinez All Souls Church 718-915-2600

Liz Theoharris The Poverty Initiative, Union Theological Seminary


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